Up at 2:30 am…and not in Vegas

Today’s workout: 25 min spin, 35 min strength training

Yesterday’s craziness carried into the night with Tootie and Bootie deciding to have a party a 2:30 am. Not kidding. If we were in Vegas it would be totally acceptable. However, at home it made for a not-so-fun 4:30 wake up call to head to the gym.

I somehow managed to drag my hiney there and was on a spin bike by 5:05 a.m. I am not sure where I found the energy, but I must have had some serious motivation deep in my core.  I survived Mt. Baldy (remember,  my spin bike has that cool interactive TV) and then headed to the free weights and got my workout on. GLAD ITS OVER.

I did try 2 of the 3 G Series Fit products this morning.

Started with just one of the Banana Chocolate Bites on my way to the gym.

IT WAS GOOD. Really it was. I like chocolate and banana, but we all know that energy bites/bars are not always good. This  was not chalky, not bulky, not too sweet. Little chunks of banana and nuts with just a hint of chocolate. The one bite had only 50 calories and satisfied my early morning hunger. I probably should have eaten two given the intensity of my workout, but it did give me enough energy to get through my workout. I would FOR SURE need more than one bite pre-run. All in all I score it as a LIKE.

Post workout I tried the recovery smoothie

I thought it was just a tad too sweet. In my opinion it was like an unblended strawberry jamba juice and the taste would not leave my mouth. I had LD taste it and he liked it- but then again he didn’t just work his hiney off at the gym. If it was blended with some ice and yogurt it might help. It wasn’t terrible, it just wasn’t the best taste post sweat sesh. I definitely like their original recovery drink better.

In good news the foot is holding up today. I set my cell phone alarm so that I get up from my desk each hour and stretch it. If it is feeling good in the morning I’ll get another run in and then follow up with the doc at lunch time. Yeee hhhaaawwwwwwww!!! Mama is on the road to recovery!!!


One thought on “Up at 2:30 am…and not in Vegas

  1. But if we were in Vegas we wouldn’t be up at 2:30 am we would be asleep while our hubby’s were out because we would be running a marathon the next day. 🙂 Love you, get some rest tonight!

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