The little things…

My morning in a nutshell:

(Photo credit: Chuze Fitness)

Spent just over an hour on one of those bad boys and logged 8 solid miles. Not too bad right? Considering that I just battered my foot on Sunday in La Jolla, I am happy with this run! I am also happy to report that I had no pain in my foot while running and it’s just a bit tender now post run. Yahooo! It’s the little things, right? I am worried that the soreness in my legs might be masking the pain in my foot so tomorrow will be a run rest day. Fingers crossed that all will be well and that I can run again on Thursday!

Thank you to all of you about your comments regarding iPods/music while running. I think my plan for the OC will be to start musicless and then bust out the iPod around the half mark. In my head I am thinking that it will give me a second wind? One thing that is certain, I will be doing a lot of praying that day. I have not been able to get many long runs in with this stubborn injury, so I am pretty nervous! At least I am not running for time, but to get miles in for Rock N Roll San Diego. I am seeking revenge on Fiesta Island which was awful last year, lol!!


Can I just take a moment to tell you how much I love Ryan Hall? He is a FANTASCTIC guy, he is not afraid to voice his love for the lord and he runs like a MANIAC!

He set an American Record (although it will not be recognized) at Boston yesterday with a 2:04:58 finish. I know I already shared a video yesterday, but his post race interview is an inspiration! If you have a moment, check it out by clicking HERE.


Well,  I’m overwhelmed with the amount of work piled in my office this morning. I am breaking out like a teenage girl. Oy! Off to take care of bidness…one step at a time…


6 thoughts on “The little things…

  1. 8 miles on the TM?! You are crazy, woman! I wish I could do that. The most I have battled through is 6.8 when I had an hour-long tempo and I was so ready to peel myself off that bad boy at the end… still debating where and how long to run today… Good job at La Jolla, btw. Isn’t that 1:50:change annoying? I did 1:50:01 at Safari Park and I still am PO’d at that little bit of time. 1:49:59 would look so much better!

    1. TM runs are a mental battle for me…although there are some interesting peeps at the gym at 5 am so I get some good entertainment. One day I’ll talk about the lady who races other runners on the TM’s…I’m not kidding…it’s hilarious!

      The 1:50 and change IS annoying- and even more annoying in knowing that I could have pushed it but didn’t.

  2. Hey momma! We had the same workout this morning! 🙂

    Love Ryan Hall. Love his attitude and positivity!! One day he’s going to make a great daddy! Def. will have great running genes!!

    I just registered for the Palos Verdes marathon May 14th…I think that it’ll be a good training run 4 San Diego! I’m excited!! It’s a beautiful course and flat too!! 🙂

    Have a good evening!!

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