New G Series- check it

Ahhhhhhhhhh. That sums up my day! I went from total madness at work to complete craziness at home. Momma can’t catch a break.

There are days when I pick the kids up from school and they are like this

Mellow, sweet, loving, good listeners! Little angels.

Then there are days like today

One clearly had too much sugar today and the other is just plain cranky. AWESOME. For those of you without kids this means one has been bouncing off the walls and acting like a mad man while the other can’t stop crying. Good times.

Good thing they are cute.


In the midst of total mayhem, I snuck out to the store to pick up frozen yogurt. I was wandering around wasting a little bit of time when I cam across the latest from Gatorade

Gatorade came out with the G Series last year and this is the latest line called “G Series Fit.” I am a SUCKER for new stuff (8 or so years ago Heinz ketchup came out with AWESOME labels and I literally had 7 bottles of ketchup in my house. SUCKER) so of course I picked out the flavors that sounded the best and brought them home. Let’s get down to the deets:

01: Prime Pre-Workout Fuel: Energy Bites.  Flavor: Banana Nut Chocolate

There are four little trays inside this box with individual bites. The entire package is 200 cals, 8 g fat, 27 carbs and 6g protein. Pretty close to a Clif Bar. They break the bar up into the four individual trays so you can choose how many bites you eat pre workout.

02: Perform: Workout Hydration. Flavor: Mango Passion Fruit

This is a 16 oz electrolyte drink that claims to be only lightly flavored. I dislike sweet electrolyte drinks so I hope this one comes through. One bottle is 20 cals, 220 mg sodium, 60 mg potassium, 5 carbs and 4 g sugar.

03: Recover: Post Workout Replenishment. Flavor: Strawberry Banana

Post workout smoothie with 120 cals, 12 g protein including 6g amino acids and 1.5 g of CLA.

I will put these new products to the test this week and let you know if I like em or not. If they are any kind of good they could be in the next giveaway 🙂


Time to go wind down and check out a new race my friend Maureen just texted me about! She mentioned January, Disneyland and Tinkerbell…


4 thoughts on “New G Series- check it

  1. I always love a new race! Can’t wait to hear about the G-Series. I love the pre-fuel and often drink the recovery drink after testing them at Nike last year. I may need to switch up my recovery and finish my container of Endurox.

  2. OMGosh, I love that picture of Mr.Man!! I can only imagine what he was saying to you. I think it’s funny that Miss Thing is looking at you like what the heck are you taking a picture of??? Gotta love those kidos!!

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