Monday = Giveaway Winner!

Let’s kick Monday off with the winner of the giveaway!

According to Random.Org the winner is:

True Random Number Generator

4 : Amy!

Powered by RANDOM.ORG

Congratulations Amy! Email me at and I’ll get the goods in the mail.


I am on a rest day today and am feeling pretty good. I will be doing a lot of foot rehab over the next 24 hours and am scheduled to see the doc again on Thursday. Hoping to get solid miles in this week, otherwise I may be in trouble at the OC Marathon. I think I will bring my headphones for this race. I have been running without them but may need to bust them out for a little boost for the final 10k. 

Questions of the morning:

1. Have you run the OC Marathon? Any advice?

2. Do you listen to music during races? Does it help?

Off to get weekly reports done and peek in on the Boston Marathon!!!!


3 thoughts on “Monday = Giveaway Winner!

  1. I usually do listen to music during races. But, when I ran the RnR San Antonio half in November, I didn’t because my iPod wouldn’t work. And, actually, it wasn’t that bad. But, it helps me to get in my zone, so I’ll prob stick w/ the music.

  2. I listen to music unless I am injured. Well I haven’t ran a race more then 10 miles but the last 2 I had to take my music out and focus on getting my booty across the finish line. 🙂

  3. I do love my i-pod during marathons. It does really help me!! Especially when eminem or a real upbeat song comes on…it makes you want to dance! 🙂

    I’ve never ran the OC marathon but, I hear it’s great!! 🙂

    Girl, “You Got This!!” You’re going to do GREAT!! 🙂

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