Getting hosed? And a funny…

My husband is AWESOME. Not only does he put up with my crazy schedule and get dragged to all kinds of races, but he keeps up with running, other runner’s blogs, etc. So he calls me after lunch and says “Did you see how fast that dude ran Boston? He got screwed!”

Did any of your husbands/boyfriends/wives/friends call and ask you the same thing? No? Weird. Anyway, I agree with him that Geoffrey Mutai is getting hosed. How on earth would he have any control over the 14 mph tailwind? It’s an act of God! The man finished in a world record time and may not be recognized for it? Such a shame…

If you didn’t keep up with the marathon today, click HERE to read about his amazing finish. 


And just because you might need a laugh on this Monday


3 thoughts on “Getting hosed? And a funny…

  1. Yes, I think it’s very unfair!! His time should be recognized!! You can’t control wind, rain, heat, etc.!! I ran the LA marathon in epic rain…the gentleman that won the race set an LA course record in pouring rain!! If there was a “tailwind” and he ran the same pace would he be discredited?? I dunno…seems very controversial and not fair!!

    Our hubbies are AWESOME for being our biggest fans when it comes to our races! My hubby doesn’t run and still doesn’t “get it” but, he’s very supportive!!

    BTW “GREAT JOB ON YOUR RACE!!” I’ll be running PCRF half while you’re running OC…”GOOD LUCK!”

    Have a good evening! 🙂

  2. thanks for the link, I hadn’t heard about this. It makes no sense at all..I mean, what if it rains? what if it’s hot? All weather conditions effect how you run.

    p.s. apparantly Seinfeld was performing just a couple blocks from my apartment on saturday. I can’t believe I didn’t know beforehand! It would be awesome to see him live

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