La Jolla Half Marathon

Lawdy, I survived. That was a beast. Beautiful, but a BEAST.

As you all know I have been battling PF in my right foot for the past month and have been pretty nervous about this race. When I got up this morning I was just a little sore so I taped her up and headed out.


The La Jolla Half Marathon started at 7:30 am at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. It was an overcast morning which was AWESOME. Perfect running weather.

Even though there was approximately 7,000 runners it felt like a small race. No pace groups, just an old fashioned foot race…for 13.1 miles.

I went into this with the mentality of I just want to finish. If I could keep an 8:30 pace on this hilly course I would be happy.

Mile 1 was flat!  It took me approximately 40 seconds to get across the start line and kept reminding myself to go slow, take it easy. etc etc etc. I crossed mile one at 8:02 pace- too fast for my bum foot. The plan was 8:30 so I needed to slow down by 30 seconds. Did I? Nooooo. DUMB DUMB DUMB. I hit mile 2 at a 7:46 pace. What am I doing? SLOW DOWN INJURED ONE. The hills started  at that point and we had a slow steady incline through mile 4.

At that point I knew we were nearing Torrey Pines reserve and I needed to chill. We got a nice little downhill before taking on the BEAST.

This picture makes that baby look tame.

At mile 3,4 and 5 I was at a 7:51 pace. I knew I was going to pay for it. I just knew it. At mile 5 we started up the reserve. I got half way up and I started to feel an ache in my right foot. Nooooo! I prayed and asked God to allow me to run this race how HE wants me to, not how I want to. At that point the genius words of my friend Maureen and my Hubs were in my head “YOU HAVE 2 WEEKS UNTIL A FULL MARATHON. IF YOU NEED TO WALK THE RESERVE TO SAVE YOUR FOOT, WALK. WHO CARES.”  I have never ever walked in a half marathon. Ever. I decided at that point I was only a half mile to the top and I pulled over and walked. GASP. I took the time to take a gel, drink water and say another quick prayer.

I crested Torrey Pines at mile 6 with a pace of  10:05. Not bad for a 1/2 mile walk!

The climb continued through mile 7 where I still kept a slow pace, around 9 min. That was more like it.  The rolling hills went from 8-10 and I stayed steady around an 8:20 pace.

Then a SWEET downhill at mile 10. RECOVERY! FINALLY!

I stupidly hit mile 11 at a 7:37 pace. I knew we had another 150 climb coming around mile 12, this would come back to bite me in the butt.

I hit mile 12 at a 8:12 pace then the last hill killed me. I think it took me 24 hours to get from 12 to the finish. Kidding, but it did take me while. An 8:55 pace. BRUTAL WAY TO END. BOOOO.

I ended up crossing the finish line in 1:50 and 10 seconds, average of 8:24 pace.

Not bad for someone who threw a 1/2 mile walk in. I am glad I did it to save my foot but I am still mentally beating myself up a bit. I’ll get over it. I am just glad I was able to run!!!! After a DNR 2 weeks ago it was questionable if I would be able to run this race. I did it! Now I just have to keep my fingers crossed that I will be able to run at OC. I better learn to pace properly or I will wear out quick!


Here are a few more pics from today!

Me and Gretchen! This was her first half marathon!!

Me and Maureen. She ran the 5k! What is going on with my face?

My fam 🙂


Now I’m off to do the typical Sunday Costco trip. This should be interesting…

9 thoughts on “La Jolla Half Marathon

  1. Great job Mama I know how hard that must have been for you to walk. You won’t regret it after you stop beating yourself up about it. Job well done!

  2. I think that Is REALLY Rockin! That is the time I am just hoping to make it under 2 hrs next time! I want to be like you when I grow up… Lol funny since I am actually older than you 😉

  3. Look at that big smile in the 2nd to last picture! Looks like you were feeling great!

    Not bad at ALL — many would do anything to get a pace that solid, and you did it with major hills and a walking break. Be proud, sounds like a huge success for you!

    Keep healing that PF, hope it feels well. I know it is one of those injuries that never seems to go away, but MAKE IT! say GO AWAY!!

    p.s. successes so far from your giveaway: I like the endurance cubes a lot! They were tasty and easy before my half on Saturday. The lava gel tasted ick after I brushed my teeth (duhhh), so I’m saving the other half for a training run. A surprise winner: the chapstick!! I love the stuff. Mission skincare is a gem. Oh, and the Zico was pounded today after an easy 4 mile run, I loved it. hits the spot after a run!

    1. Thanks girl, I need this foot to heal. It is SO FRUSTRATING. Arrggghhh! Just wish I paced better today. Oh well, next time right?!

      I drank a ZICO today too and love it. So good after a run! LOL about the Lava- I tested two new flavors this past week (tropical mango and peach) that I like better than the Kona Mocha- although for a coffeeish flavored gel it’s one of the better ones. The Hammer Gel espresso is NASTY. ICK! Agree with the chapstick!!

  4. Hi,
    Thanks for visiting my Blog. I loved looking at these pics. Thanks for posting. I didn’t bring my camera. I’ve been running along Camino Del Mar (miles 2-4) 3 days a week for the past 5 years. Man, that hill is a monster, eh?

    You had an awesome time. Congrats.

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