Feels like summer…so I’m giving something away!

It’s  a balmy 80 degrees in San Diego today with clear blue skies and a perfect breeze…it feels just like summer! Sunshine =  running outdoors = endorphins= in a giveaway mood!

I love to giveaway stuff.  If I buy something that I like I usually buy it for my sister too and force her to like it. Just ask her. Thank goodness we have the same taste…well, most of the time! So now I am going to force one of you to hop on my summertime bandwagon and love the following:

This sanitizer will get you in the sum-sum-summertime mood STAT. I am giving one away WITH the little clippy! Let me tell you that thing comes in handy. I clip mine on my gym bag so 1. I don’t lose it and 2. Post workout I can sanitize my hands and not worry about getting a staph infection from the free weights…just sayin! The flavor I have…wait is that what it’s called? Flavor? Scent? Awww yes, scent! And I was a journalism major. Yikes. Anyway, the scent I have is Island Poolside Passionfruit (2.5 oz) so that’s what will be given away. It smells like vacation. Oh, and it’s pink- so if you are a pink hater, I apologize.  This one is larger than the pocket bac so it lasts a lot longer!

Since I am so into summer, let’s stick with the theme, shall we? To go along with it you will get 3 mini summertime candles!

I have these in my office so that I can smell them and pretend that I am at the beach and not at work! The three SCENTS I am giving away are Island Nectar, Vanilla Coconut and Island Colada. You see why I feel like I am on vacay….or maybe I am still dreaming about my end of summer trip to Maui!

Ahhhhhhh….I can’t wait!

Since we are runners/cyclists/swimmers/in-line skaters (I could go on so I’ll just call us all athletes) I’ll throw a couple of gels in there too!

Want this stuff? Just comment and say “I WANT IN” and you’re entered in the drawing! Easy breezy! I’ll keep this open through the weekend. Winner will be picked by random.org on Monday. Good luck!

Now if we could all just put our flops on and head to the beach…


10 thoughts on “Feels like summer…so I’m giving something away!

  1. ah, I most certainly want IN. you’re such a sweet little blogger.

    You’re goodies came in the mail YESTERDAY!!! I was so giddy. I’m racing tomorrow (and I will be thinking of you on Sunday when you run!) and will definitely use the things you sent to fuel. I would be eating an old yucky banana pre-race if it wasn’t for you!! So thankful and happy to have won it…

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