Thursday Adventure Run!

Today’s workout: 40 min spin bike, 25 min strength training.

Do you ever have a morning when you wake up and don’t know what day it is? That was me today. What made it even more confusing was that the weather girl on Fox 5 kept showing the extended day forecast with today in it. She never does that. Why would she do that? It was as if she was in on the joke. So after going back and forth with myself about what day it is my 40 minutes was up on the spin bike. Yikes, that’s frightening. BLONDE IS ONLY A BOTTLE AWAY


I have a follow up with the good doc at 12:30 and then after work I am off to…

I have been looking forward to this all week!! This is the run where we meet up at RoadRunner Sports, get a map and then run around town collecting raffle tickets. There may be obstacles this time and if so I am hoping we get to hula hoop!!! How fun would that be? Run, shake it, get a raffle ticket or two, off to the next stop!

RRS does this event right. Sponsors set up in the parking lot around 5 pm. Runners check in and then get to try out new gear (and even get to test products while out on the run). Close to 6 pm they bring out a map so that runners know where to head to get raffle tickets. They then give everyone 1 hour to run, get the goods and then be back for the after party. There is approximately $3000 in prizes raffled off along with a beer garden, music and FUN!

If you are a local please come join us tonight. If you can’t make it this month plan on joining us in May! It’s the second Thursday of each month. Your chances of winning a sweet prize are pretty high plus the weather will only get nicer as we get closer to summer!


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