Run Like A Mother

Ok mamas, this one is for you!

I came across a really AWESOME 5k today called Run Like A MotherLove it already! The mission of this group is to empower women and get them involved in a healthy, active lifestyle.

From the website:

The mission of Run Like a Mother® is to fuel a woman’s journey toward health and wellness. Empower with education and training programs. Inspire with communities, events and races. Enable through programs and partnerships. Run Like a Mother® Isn’t Just a Race, It’s Our Way of Life.


They currently have 3 races scheduled in Ridgefield CT, Naperville IL and Portland OR all on May 8th 2011 (mama’s day). Want to know what is really cool? You can register to be a VIRTUAL RUNNER! That’s right mamas, you can do this in your own town with your family, girlfriends, kids, etc. It looks like the registration is $20. They will send you a shirt and a training plan. All that they ask is that you complete the 5k on Mother’s Day and then share your story and pics on Facebook. Pretty neat!

If you are interested visit the event website by clicking HERE. 

My fam typically does church, brunch then a baseball game (if there is one) on mama’s day but I may have to sneak in a 5k and participate in this one.


5 thoughts on “Run Like A Mother

  1. Hello!! Found you through SR. Yay 4 registering 4 OC marathon!! “GOOD LUCK!!” looking at your training you are doing great!!

    I’m a mommy too! I have 3 kids of my own and 4 step-kids. ages (3-23). In regards to “run like a mother” I actually own the book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I recommend it if you don’t have it yet! 🙂

    I’ll see you in Maui and Vegas girl!! keep up your hard work and training! you’re doing GREAT!!


    1. Thanks for the encouragement Pam! I appreciate it so much 🙂

      I thought I had a busy house, you are AMAZING! How do you find the time to train, read and take care of the house? I feel like my house looks like a bomb exploded most days! Ha!

      See you soon!

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