Funny Ish

Dear Dr. Allen,

You deserve a million bucks for being the most rad doctor on the planet.

That’s it. You’re rad.



I honestly would not talk about my doc so freakin’ much if I didn’t think he was THE MAN. Most people with PF deal with it for YEARS.   This dude got me all squared away within, what, 3 weeks?! I cannot express how important it is to go with your gut. When I suffered a PF injury in my left foot last year my regular doc told me to ice and stretch it and go on total rest. He also talked about injections and surgery. Those two things ARE NOT an option for me. Thank heavens I decided to get a second opinion and found Dr. Allen!  

Let’s see- I ran the Safari Park half with my foot taped and then got into see him…that was on March 17th. It’s April 12th and I am 80% better. 80% is HUGE. We talked about the OC Marathon and I expressed my fear of not being ready. My longest run since the Safari Half was 15 miles. Since then I was reduced down to very low mileage. I just got in 12.25 on Saturday. YIKES. We’ll see how that pans out on May 1st!


In total randomocity I came across on google today. This website had me belly laughing!!!

I am certain that my brother and I have had this argument before! That’s just how we roll.

If there was a boxer in this picture that would be my dog. Seriously, animals are HILARIOUS. Have I told you that my dog can talk?!?!?!


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