Be Buff

IMMMMMM BBBAAAACCCCCCCKKKKK. Fully rested and ready to rock. I have been in a freaky funk since Sunday and my Feng Shui was all off.  Thank to my new memory foam pillows Zen has been restored. 

I would like to thank Costco for providing me with an excellent’s night sleep. Without my new pillows I would still be Captain Crabby.


I have a follow up with the doc today to check out the foot. I have put in 16 miles since Saturday and I have very little soreness. I am AFRAID of jacking it up at the La Jolla half this Sunday and here is why:

The Grinch mountain at mile 6. It looks like it’s straight up because it is. Actually, the start of the hill winds around a bend and then it’s straight climbing. It is totally doable but my foot may not agree. When I ran hills  2 weeks ago it popped my arch and heel out completely. I have been doing strengthening exercises to prevent it from happening, but nothing is guaranteed.


Strength training is huge for me. It’s the one thing that helps me to stay in shape (is it wrong that my hubs calls me the situation? um YES) and prevents major injury. It’s hard to find the time to do it but I encourage you to make the effort, even if it’s in small sets throughout the day. Runners can be buff too…just not Arnold buff…that would slow us waaaaaay down.

Do you incorporate strength training in your workouts? If so, has it helped to improve your overall fitness? If not, why not?


2 thoughts on “Be Buff

  1. i’m a new follower to you, but love your blog!!

    i definitely do strength training – for one it helps me switch up my workouts and for two, i love seeing definition in my arms and such… plus i think its a major component (in addition to speed work/hills) that my times keep improving!

  2. I don’t strength train 😦 I’m holding it as my back-up card for when I turn 50 and everything starts to droop. I was doing Jillian’s shred videos for a while, and enjoying it, but now that I exercise at 5:30 a.m. I can’t exactly bounce and jump above my poor neighbors.

    You might inspire me to start though, with your rocking bod as evidence that it works.

    p.s. as for your next post…you need to regularly post pictures. So I don’t have to go that sight and dig through for the best ones.

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