Adventure Run Week!

I took today as a complete rest day for 2 reasons:

1. I do not want to re-injure my right foot. I am going one day between runs right now to strengthen it back to 100%

2. I’m LAZY

When I say lazy I am talking it is taking every ounce of effort  for me to do anything. I hate this feeling. As soon as the little people are in bed I am going to sleep.


I reviewed yesterday’s run on the Nike GPS map this afternoon and come to find out I ran 12.25 miles, not 11! That’s what I get for not waiting for the GPS to activate and using the foot pod. The foot pod shorted me 1.25 miles and gave me an average pace of 8:40 when I was actually running an average pace of 7:50. I knew that 8:40 was not correct! I checked my pace at mile 8 and I was at 7:35. I was stumped by my miles/pace yesterday but now it all makes sense! Whatever makes me feel better right? It actually gives me a little hope that my foot will be ok for La Jolla.


I am hoping to get at least 3 quality runs in this week in addition to the Thursday Adventure Run.

That’s right peeps, if you are in the SD area come meet up at RoadRunner on Thursday April 14th around 5:15ish. Vendors will be out to let you try out new gear and then the run will start at 6. We run for one hour to various locations collecting raffle tickets and then head back to RRS for the after party! It is A LOT of fun!

To pre-register click HERE.



2 thoughts on “Adventure Run Week!

  1. Sundays are my rest day too…usually…except for the unfortunate fact that Sundays are the ONLY day my boyfriend can run, and he usually likes me to tag along, so he ends up kicking my lazy butt out the door with him.

    How do you like the Nike GPS? Is it your first running GPS? I’m pretty satisfied with my Garmin 305, but I’m curious about the Nike stuff because I know it is smaller and everyone makes fun of my big-ass watch

    1. This is my first running GPS. I tested the Garmin 410 and only went with the Nike because I had run w/the nike sport band previously and it was cheaper. I jacked it all up on Saturday because I hit the quick start option. This then syncs to a foot pod that is back up should you lose GPS in a bad area. Yeah- that didn’t work out for me at all, lol! I turned the quick start off so I’ll be able to just use GPS next run. I will do a review that I hope is helpful. Eeeeek we shall see!

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