Nike Sport GPS take 1

Today’s Run: 11 miles, no music, mostly flat, urban downtown awesomeness


It was a chilly morning with rain clouds still lingering so I wasn’t sure how it would go. I layered clothes, taped the foot and busted out the new Nike GPS Sport Watch. Now, a smart person would read the instructions before heading out. A not so smart person (hint starts with a Haute and ends with a Running Mama) just goes for it and can’t figure out why the GPS isn’t connecting. The the not so smart person hits “quick start” not realizing that this cancels out the GPS and links the watch to the foot pod.

MY BAD. Major operator error!

When the watch connects to a foot pod that has not been calibrated the results can be seriously skewed. BUMMER. My pace was all over the place because of this and I lamely did not hit pause at each red light. Oh well, at least I got miles in!  The funny thing is I went to the website to read the instructions and it is so EASY my kids could have figured it out.


The foot is currently on ice. It held up pretty good! Started to get a bit sore around mile 9 so I called the fam and asked them to meet me at Starbucks in Point Loma. Finished the last 2 miles and hitched my ride home. I am sure the good doc is going to have a stern talk with me about putting too many miles on too soon.

I do apologize for not having pics of the pretty run this morning. My camera batteries were D-E-A-D so it just wasn’t in the cards. I did bust out the cell phone for a quick pic when I got stopped at a light. I tend to find the most random of signs and while stretching I found this one

Nice to know the people of San Diego are promoting good oral health! If that doesn’t make someone want to run home to brush their teeth I don’t know what will…



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