We’ve got a winner

OK People, I have an announcement:


I am doing the happy dance (and not limping while doing it).  This is the first time in a MONTH that there is not even a twinge. Of course it will likely be sore after I hit the pavement tomorrow morning but at least I know I am making serious progress.

I’m telling you what, I was prepared to sit out La Jolla. NO WAY JOSE, I’m so there! YES! It will not be a PR race for me, but at least I’ll get a good challenging run in! Yiippppeeeeeeee!!!!!


Let’s keep the goodness going by announcing the winner of the hump day giveaway!

According to random.org the winner is….comment #12: Rose Runner! Congratulations! Email me at hauterunningmama@gmail.com and I’ll ship the goods!

I will have another giveaway at the end of next week. With a small number of entries I’d say your chances are pretty stinkin’ good.



3 thoughts on “We’ve got a winner

  1. Hooooray (that’s how my little one’s say it) for NO PAIN!!

    I would just like to thank you for your AWESOME advice. You give RoadRunner much props for a VERY good reason. I was in Oregon this week for work and took advantage of being only a few miles from a RoadRunners and went in for a gait analysis. What I found out was the BEST and WORST news ever. They do an amazing job at looking at EVERY detail of your gait. The first one I had done at Fleet Feet back home only had me talk across the room with my pant legs rolled up and because of that they put me in the wrong shoe, which caused my IT Band injury I have been dealing with for over a month now.

    I am in the RIGHT shoes now with custom inserts for my high arches. Thank you HRM and RoadRunner for saving me from any further injury and getting me back on the road (SOON). 🙂

  2. You just super made my day 🙂

    And I’m so glad YOU had a great day. Hallelujah for a pain-free body!! I think all those birthday calories healed you. They went straight to pad your foot with healing powers.

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