Brag Moment and a Brownie Butt Cheek

I need to go into Mom-brag-mode for just a moment and share a pic of my oldest, H-Man, who ran in his first race last weekend:

I think I told you all that he was set to run by himself and then opted out at the last minute. I ended up running with him. This was just after we crossed the finish line together and he received his “shiny medal.” He has slept with his medal every night since! He has also let me know that he cried at the start line because “I was scared but now it’s not scary anymore because I am going to be 4 and can run really fast like mommy.” LOVE THE KID. Nothing like an ego boost from your own child.


OK- moving out of mommy mode and onto more serious stuff. Like the total amount of calories I have consumed today.  There are a lot of April birthdays up in this office and today was one ginormous celebration. I am talking breakfast, lunch, desert, THE WORKS. There is not a long run in the world that’s going to burn the brownie sundae I shared after lunch off of my right butt cheek. Thats right, I shared it, but only to spare my left butt cheek from the agony.

If I can squeeze in a short run after work I am going to test out the new Nike Sportband GPS. I got it hooked up on Wednesday and am pretty happy with the new Nike Connect site. For those that asked I did confirm that it’s set up for interval training, auto lap and does provide mile splits. The site says it will beep but I’ll let you know more after we spend sometime on the road together.

Off to take a break and walk stairs. I feel like one large fat cell sitting in my office chair.


4 thoughts on “Brag Moment and a Brownie Butt Cheek

  1. hi there, just wondering how you are liking your nike+ gps sports watch. i’m humming and hawing over getting one, but i have heard that the gps has sketchy reception …. any thoughts?

    thanks! mel from canada

    1. Hi Mel! I just used the GPS correctly last night and it did take approximately 1 minute to link which seemed like a long time. After that I had no problems with the signal. I think this weekend will be a true test since I am running a local reserve. I will do a post on my 2 cents soon!

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