I’m a wimp

Today’s Workout:  Lifting coffee cup to and from lips for 3 hours so far. How do you think I ended up with these biceps?

Hi man arms. Nice to see you again.

I have a follow up with the doc at 12:30 today (nice way to spend lunch, huh) and am hoping that the rain holds off. People in SoCal do not know how to drive when it’s sunny, so just imagine how bad it is when it rains. It’s like everyone loses their minds. Straight CRAZINESS. But not as crazy as the people running this today

North Pole Marathon: World’s Coolest Marathon

And most of you thought Santa was the only with access to the NP! I love to run but this race takes some serious cojones and deep pockets. It is EXTREMELY cold and it’s only 6-12 feet of ice separating runners from the Arctic Ocean. I’m freezing just typing about it.

Here is some info from the website:

Don’t let this experience of a lifetime pass you by. Polar Running Adventures will provide athletes with accommodation in Spitsbergen on April 5th; return flights from Spitsbergen to the North Pole camp; accommodation while at the Pole from April 6th to 8th; entry to the official North Pole Marathon; helicopter flights in the polar region; t-shirts, medals and souvenirs; professional photos of each competitor in action; a DVD of the race; and hotel accommodation on April 9th on return from the Pole. 

I checked the results from 2010 and the winner, a male,  finished in 5:00:58 in blizzard conditions. The first female finished in 5:56:54. This tells you how brutal this race is!!!

Registration is now open for 2012 please click HERE to go read about this race. The race field is very limited due to aircraft capacity constraints. This race is not for WIMPS like me!!! Oh…and the registration fee is a measly 11,900 EURO which converts to $17,016 US Dollars. And you thought New York was expensive! At least they allow you to make payments…


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