Daydreaming about vacay

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I have a butt load of work to do and there has been one thing on my mind that is preventing me from doing my job…MAUI

(google image)

The hubs and I are headed there for 1 week in September sans the two little people! I CAN’T WAIT! The last time we took a vacay was on our honeymoon. That is also the last time I bought a new bathing suit. I am serious. It’s just plain ridiculous.

We fly out on Friday the 16th, I run the Maui Marathon on the 18th and then we chill for the rest of the trip! My best amiga and her hubby are headed there as well so we can celebrate their 10 year wedding anniversary. This trip is going to be FANTABULAR.  Now you understand why I am pretty much useless today. I am daydreaming about my vacay that is 5 months away.

Someone slap me and make me get my ish done.


2 thoughts on “Daydreaming about vacay

  1. LUCKY!!!! That is all I have to say. First – We love our kids, but 1 week no kids- ahhh!!. Second, Maui is awesome. We went there for our honeymoon. Love it. Some day we will go back. Until then I will like vicariously through you. lol

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