Whatta Day!

When you get old like me you get to run words together and it is perfectly acceptable. Like whatta. Why say “what a” when I can say “whatta.” Maybe that’s where accents come from. Peeps just get laz and run words together. Am I on to something here?

Anyway, today was filled with all kinds of fabulousness. If you missed it, I announced the giveaway thismorning (ok, that one didn’t work). You have until Friday to enter- click HERE and get on it.

After getting to celebrate the big 3-2 at the office (ha ha ha- no really, we blew the roof off the place) I came home to my fam and…

Awwwwwww yeeeeaaaaahhhhhh bbbbboooooyyyyyyy….the new GPS is here!

Yes that says “Let’s Go.” Twist my arm why dontcha (yes, that one worked)! It feels a bit big but that’s because I am used  to my sport band…

Goodbye sport band. It’s been fun. Nice knowing ya. I’ll keep you around just in case- don’t be sad, it’s not you, it’s me.

Me and the new GPS will be taking a spin together on Saturday morning. I was able to get a 4-miler in PAIN FREE on the TM this morning so things are looking up!


After the total excitement of the new gadget, I opened presents from hubs and the kids. Got a sweet new top and a FLIP!!! I AM SUPER SPOILED TODAY!!! I have been wanting a video camera FOEVA!!!

We then headed to The Playa Grill for dinner

Although it was a chilly night the outdoor patio is totally heated.

Hubs gave it the thumbs up and the kids were just off the chain


This place is FANTASTIC! Happy hour from 3-7 every night of the week. 50% of apps and drinks- who doesn’t dig that?

Guess I missed the apps on the menu. Ooops! We had ceviche and it was good. Ceviche is hit or miss and this place got it right. For dinner I went with a grilled Mahi sandwich

It was GREAT. I am a self-proclaimed fish snob and this sandwich was PHENOM! Perfectly cooked, not over seasoned and just plain delish! My little H-Man ate his dinner and then my fries. He said they were “super good.” He’s almost 4, he should know. Hubs had what looked like a carnitas torta. He said it was good so I’ll take his word for it.

I give this place 2 thumbs up. They open at 11 am and serve brunch on the weekend. The Playa Grill is located in the IKEA shopping center in Mission Valley. If nothing else go for happy hour!

We finally made it home and it’s chill time. What? Did I have desert? You bet your little hiney I did. After all, it is my birfday

Now go enter the giveaway so you can get a five-fingered discount courtesy of me!



One thought on “Whatta Day!

  1. I love that you aren’t shy about celebrating your day! my bday always quietly passes…I never say or do anything. It’s also right next to xmas, so…

    That gps looks sweet. So much smaller than the garmin 305.

    As for the next post…your arms are incredible, and no thanks on the blizzard marathon. yikes.

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