Birthday Eve

Today’s workout: 45 minutes spin; 25 strength training

I finally learned the correct way to tape my foot!! Took me long enough. It’s still a bit sore but nothing like it was on Saturday/Sunday. I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself so we will see what Doctor McDoctorton has to say this afternoon. My main concern is not getting enough long runs in prior to the OC. My friend Maureen pointed out last night that I could run La Jolla and just walk the Torrey Pines Reserve. That I might consider. If I did that I know I can make up time…someone stop me now!! If the doc says no hills then it’s a no brainer.

Since I can’t stop yapping about injuries, I thought I would share an article I read about how Neal Gorman (an ultrarunner) stays injury free. He talks about listening to your bod and being proactive. GOOD STUFF! If ya wanna read it click HERE


 It’s my Birthday eve…I can’t believe today is my last day of being 31!

(Yes, that is a Christmas Tree in the background. No, I’m not that WT. This isn’t a recent pic, it’s from Valentines Day)

As a kid I loved celebrating my birthday! Picking out a restaurant for my birthday dinner was the best! I remember wanting to be 13, then 16, then 18, then 21.  Once I turned 25 the clock sped up, I swear! The good news is that turning one year older means: 1. A giveaway and 2. Desert where I don’t count calories!! Awww yeah!


Anyone else have a Birthday coming up?


6 thoughts on “Birthday Eve

  1. It’s hard to believe my baby girl is going to be 32 tomorrow….. Happy Birthday Eve!!!!
    love you! I think we need to so to “Siz” 🙂

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