Chillin in whoville

Today’s workout: 2.25 miles (7:28 pace, TM, flat), 30 min spin, 15 min core

Since I took yesterday to chill and rehab I decided to test the waters this morning. My plan was 2 miles, no hills, just flat on the TM. Not too bad. A little sore to start, no pain while running, just a tad sore post. It is very clear to me that the massive hills on Saturday were detrimental to my recovery. Lesson learned. I will be stretching, rolling, splinting all day in the office to get back on track.

I may have to face the fact that running La Jolla **might** not happen. There is a 400 ft climb from mile 5 to 6 that is gnarly. The only way I can explain it is that it’s like Cindy Lou Who down in whoville looking up at Grinch mountain. Seriously. It’s a beast and an awesome challenge; but if my foot is not 100% it could mean no OC Marathon. I want to run the OC Marathon more than I want to run La Jolla. OC Marathon is my training run before the Rock N Roll.

I am just going to take it one day at a time and see how things progress. If I am PAIN FREE I will do it. If I have the slightest doubt I will likely chill down in whoville with the rest of the spectators.


Did anyone watch the ACM’s last night? I only saw part of it because my old butt fell asleep! I did get to see Carrie Underwood with Steven Tyler. AWESOME!

Hello gorgeous!

I was bummed on The Band Perry. Total let down. Don’t get me wrong, I love them but thought they sounded horrible last night. Hubs said it was probably nerves (singers know this kind of stuff). Maybe I just have too high of expectations? Is it wrong to expect a band to sound just as good live as on their album?

I missed the rest and will have to catch up online this week.

Anyone watch the whole show? What did I miss?!?!?


One thought on “Chillin in whoville

  1. You are smarter then me Mama, I still can hardly walk today. I think I will be walking The Parkway Half which really bums me out. But that just means I will recover and ROCK RNR SD. 🙂

    I watched most of it and Sugarland ROCKED!! The Jennifer Nettles and Rihanna were OK, I don’t think country and Rihanna mix. But Steven Tyler and Carrie killed it, they were AWESOME!!

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