Race Day #2: DNR

Got up at the butt crack today to get down to the beach by 6:30 a.m. This race is run by age groups, with the masters running first.

My sis & mes…I need to get my hair did. Pooks, can you squeeze me in on Thursday? Thanks, love my roots.

My sis, my mom and me. Wow, hair looks even worse here. Seriously, Pooks, let me know about Thursday!

My Dad ran first! 7:05 start on the nose. He squeezed his way in and off he went.

I think I told you all that this is a FAST race. The masters men 40+ winner finished in 15 minutes!

My Dad finished 28:36 gun time, we didn’t check his chip but it was likely just under 28 min! GO DAD!

My Mom was up next at 8:05. She hasn’t run since Thanksgiving and she did it!

Hey dude in the Pads hat, move it! Mama is comin’ through!

My race was next at 10:20, I was ready. I decided to take a little jog and…PAIN in foot. Thought it might feel better after I got warm. Tried jumping jacks- nope, still there. Paced, pondered, got a little mad and then…DNR. Hubs said if I even had to think about it for a sec it was a no go. Rest of the fam agreed, Maureen concurred. I was out. The hardest part was knowing that I was ready to run a sub 7 min mile. Had it in the bag and then couldn’t do it. I am SO GLAD I didn’t. There is not a 5k in the world worth a year-ending injury. So I grabbed a cup of coffee, watched Maureen kill it and then waited for my sis to run with the under 30 youngsters!

She took off at 11:30. That girl knocked 6 MINUTES off her last race! 6!!!!!! HELLO PR! Sadly, my camera died so I didn’t get a photo but I know my Mom did. Hey mom, will you email so I can show off Pooks’ PR?

I am now home with a face tan to show my awesome supportiveness from the sideline. I have 2 weeks to be ready for La Jolla and 4 weeks for the OC. Please please please let my foot be ready…



4 thoughts on “Race Day #2: DNR

  1. Mom here. Now that I have a new hard drive and I’m back up a running I’ll get those pictures to you tonight after work šŸ˜‰ Love you!!

  2. whoa, running FAMILY! that’s pretty much the coolest thing I’ve ever heard of. I have 3 sisters (and uh, a mom and a dad) and NONE of them run. My parents did about 30 years ago. I guess that’s what “blog families” are for…

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