Race 1: Done

We got up early this a.m. and rolled up to C-bad to pick up my bib and watch the H-man run with the little people. He was all fired up to run “all by himself because he is a big boy”

My how things changed when I got him to the start line. Tears started flowing and then he did it…he asked me to run with him. And I did it- with my ginormo purse and all! What a sight we were. We ran that 50 yard dash like old pros. Me laughing him crying and laughing at the same time. You know, the old cry-laugh.

We crossed the finish line and there was someone waiting with a bright shiny medal. That’s when the tears stopped and the awesomeness started. What kid doesn’t love a medal? Shoot, what adult doesn’t love a medal? He got his goodies: banana, orange, water and a kids clif bar. We then packed it up and headed back to the parentals house.

Race weekend day 1: done.


Once we got to the house I started laundry and realized I hadn’t run since Wednesday. Figured I do a mile to test the foot and get ready to run tomorrow. This ended up being a terrible idea. Wind was gusting and my parents neighborhood is HILLY. I am talking San Fran hilly. Ran 1.25 up hill into a gnarly headwind. Can you guess how my foot is feeling? NOT GOOD.

I am wavering about tomorrow. If I tape it I will be fine. I just don’t know if it’s worth risking major injury and having to miss La Jolla or worse, the OC Marathon.


Tape it and take it easy? Chill?


4 thoughts on “Race 1: Done

  1. I say run it – just take it easy. It is 3 miles right? You do 2x that in a week day. If you don’t run tomorrow wouldn’t that mean running 6 no a treadmill on Monday. Plus if for some reason it hurts after tomorrow, you have plenty of time to rest it up again. Plus isn’t the Cbad 5000 flat flat flat.

    BTW – little man was looking cute in his running gear.

  2. Don’t we all love every minute of our run after we are done? LOL, I’m super proud of little man. Wish I was there to watch both of you. 🙂 The boys would have loved to run with him.

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