A whole lotta Awesome

Tomorrow morning we will pack up the kids and head to Carlsbad. The H-man runs at 10:15 am so we  will hit up the expo, get my bib and then walk over to his race.

We have a full weekend with the kids run tomorrow and our race on Sunday. H helped me get stuff together tonight, including his sweet gear:

Gotta love the kid’s sense of style. He is MY son so the shirt is totally appropriate. Check his shoes! He never has to worry about his laces coming undone. IMPORTANT.

At least the weather is supposed to be nice tomorrow. Not so much for our race on Sunday. Forecast calls for morning showers. I’ll take the cool weather but this race tends to have a headwind WITHOUT rain. At least it’s only a 5k!

I’m thinking of going with this

I probably will not need the chomps but may consider them if I am dragging. Love the sprinter H2O. So nice for short races and it’s green! I have a sleeveless top that I’m packing too. No wind/rain = no long sleeves!

Seems ridiculous to lay stuff out now, right? It is because we will be staying in north county. The hard part about a race weekend is having to stay overnight. We could come back home tomorrow but we need to be back at the beach around 6:30 am Sunday so it’s just easier to stay. At least we don’t have to pack a whole lot. Good gosh I make it sound like we’re headed far away- it’s a whopping 30 minutes. Big deal right? Whining over!



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