Sunny with a chance of new kicks!

Is it bragging if I tell you all it’s going to be 80 degrees at the beach today? I guess it would be bragging if I told you that I was going to be laying out gettin’ my tan on! Come on…why would I do that when I can do this

I mean why would I want to go for a run in gorgeous weather when I can work my arse off? Me, sarcastic? No…….

Seriously though I can’t complain because 1. I have a great job and 2. I get to enjoy some sun when I head over to see my magician known as the running doc at lunch. Fingers are crossed for a good report!


I have a new pair of kicks due to arrive this afternoon. Sunshine and new shoes?!?!? I love Thursday. I scored a sweet deal on them and plan to use them for short training runs and cross-training. I have not run in Nike’s since last year but for $38 I couldn’t pass em up:

I can’t imagine wearing these for long distance as I do not think they are supportive enough for my ridiculously high arches. Even with inserts. However, for 10k or less and cross-training I should be golden. Hubs has a pair and he loves them. If he wasn’t married to me he might marry his shoes. I’m serious. Ask him.

I know we usually celebrate JERSDAY on THURSDAY but the season finale was last week so T-shirt time is on a hiatus. Once the guidos head to Italy we will bring it out of retirement. Deal?

Off to stare at my work and hope it gets itself done…

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