Sunday runday

Lets all congratulate Kadee on completing her first half marathon this morning!! I was able to keep up with her on the live race tracker which was awesome (or stalkerish, not sure yet). She ended the race with negative splits! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I want to be like her! AWESOME!!! Congrats Kadee!!!!


If you are just now catching up, my doc ordered 5 days of run rest starting last Thursday. That puts me on run rest through tomorrow. I have been cross-training like a madwoman since I have 3 upcoming races. I am still unsure about the Carlsbad 5000 which is a week from today. I really want to race it, but it may have to be a training run. I don’t want to risk a serious injury, especially since I am virtually pain free!!

Next weekend is also Bootie’s first race!

He is running in Jr. Carlsbad. I think his age group runs a 50 yard dash! He is really excited. He gets a t-shirt, bib and finishers medal. The kid is fired up. I love that this race offers activities for kids. It’s so important to get them active at a young age. Tootie will not be running- or maybe she will once she sees all of the other kids participating. I just fear her getting pushed down and she is so tiny for her age.

Off to get the usual Sunday chores done…fun times.



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