Race Chat Part 2

Ok, I’m back. Actually, I have been back for a while but I have been battling Tootie and Bootie to take a nap. Kids these days…I tell ya.

Let’s get back to our long-winded race chat, shall we?

Question #2: What you do in preparation for these races, ie, how do you train for them?

The only way to become a better runner is to practice running. I don’t have a set training plan but when healthy I typically run 5 days a week, cross-train 1 day, rest 1 day. When I am not 100% I usually cut back to 3 quality runs, 1 recovery run and 2 cross-train days. Right now I am injured and am on 5 days of doctor ordered run rest. As you know I am cross-training like a mad woman. I don’t like to set a training schedule because I am a commitmentphobe. Plus, I do not want to set myself up feel like a total failure if I “don’t make plan.”

When I first started running I had no idea what I was doing. I found an online training plan that resulted in a minor overuse injury. I then found the FIRST training plan and loved it. I bought the book and I still look to it to help me with quality runs and pacing.

Right now I am getting ready for a 5k that is next weekend, followed by a half marathon 2 weeks later, followed by a full marathon 2 weeks after that. To get ready I am staying in marathon shape. For me that means at least one run a week that is longer than 15 miles. I don’t have a lot of time to train, so my weekday runs are at 5 am sharp and are not typically longer than 8 miles. If I am lucky I can get a 10-miler in mid-week. I usually do at least one run that consists of speed work and one tempo run. This has worked for me- my improved race times are proof of it.


Another important thing is to get good sleep, drink agua and eat well. I wish I could say I always get good sleep. Bootie does everything in his willpower to prevent me from sleeping. It makes me batty; good thing the kid is cute. My good eating habits make up for my lack of sleep. My diet pretty much consists of ice cream and hot chocolate. Kidding. I am a health-nut. I don’t typically eat foods that have ingredients I can’t pronounce. That doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy myself. Come on- I’m italian. Pasta and parmesan cheese run through my veins. I do take my healthy seriously because it does have an effect on ME. Shoot, I am jealous of those that eat junk food all week and then bust out sub 7 minute miles. My bod doesn’t work that way.

I will say I love smart water. Love it. Why? It just tastes good. Yes, water has a taste. Smart Water tastes good and I am so thankful that Costco sells it in bulk! I’m not saying to go buy smart water or that it will make you a better runner. Just drink water. Even if it’s straight from the hose.


Did you know Will Ferrell ran Boston in 3:56?

Stay classy.


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