Race Chat- get comfy people- it’s a long one

Today’s Workout: 1 hour hill climbing spin; 35 min hill-train on the stair glider; 25 minutes core. That is how you hammer out training for a race when you are on run rest. BOO-YAH!

Do you all remember Kadee?

Click HERE to go back and read my post about her. Tomorrow she is running the Dallas Rock N Roll Half Marathon and she asked me to talk about race prep. So let’s do it! Time for race chat. Go get a cup of coffee, get cozy and let’s get to it, shall we?


Question 1: I was wondering, what were your times on your first 5k, 10k, 1/2 and full marathons? What is a realistic goal for new comers to running and or racing in each of these races?

I want to preface this answer by saying that in no way should anyone compare my race times to their own. Every runner is different. We all run at different paces, come from different backgrounds and are at different levels of fitness at our first races, right?

My first 5k was the Carlsbad 5000.

I ran this race in 21:50 which is still my 5k PR.  This is a VERY FAST race. The runners are all fast. If you start toward the front it is competitive.  To give you an idea of how fast this race is,  my pace was 7:01 and I still finished 44th in my age group!! 44th!! That means 43 people in my age group 30-34 ran sub-7 min miles. FAST.

The average national 5k time per Runner’s World forums is around 28 minutes. This is based on an average finish times of certified USTAF races throughout the U.S.

My first 10k was the Kathy Loper St. Patrick’s Day 10k

I finished this race in 46:25 which I think was around at 7:28 pace. I started this race way to fast and learned a lot from it. I improved my 10k time by more than a minute on my 2nd race.

I haven’t been able to find any info on average 10k times. I assume average would mean “non-competitive” and when I went back to check the results from my prior races the average finish time was around 58 minutes. I think the average time will vary based on the course and level of fitness of each runner.

My first Half Marathon finish time was 1:53 and my first full marathon finish time was 3:59.

My first half marathon was very hilly and I was healthy. I was super proud of that time. My first full marathon was relatively flat but I got hurt around mile 18 so I will never know how I would have done at 100%. I still haven’t run a full marathon 100% healthy- that’s a goal this year.

Based on the finish times of my prior races, the average half marathon time is around 2:20 and full marathon just over 5 hours. Again, these are not official averages and again are just based on the average finish times of races I have run.

You will never know what your average time will be until you run each of these races. It’s hard when you first start running. When you sign up for a race they often ask you to anticipate your finish time. It can leave a runner unsure.

My best advice would be to approximate your finish time based on your training runs. This will give you a realistic goal. I would never recommend entering a wish time. You know, that time you really want to finish in ONE DAY but don’t know if you can do it yet. It’s an easy way to set yourself up to fail.

Go into your first race positive! Remind yourself that you are doing something that 99% of the world has never done!! You are about to accomplish an amazing feat. YOU WILL FINISH! Take that couch potatoes!!

Question #2: What you do in preparation for these races, ie, how do you train for them?

I have to go drop the hubs off to golf- I will answer her next question this afternoon! Stay tuned…


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