You’re my boy blue!

Because I am not a wait and see kinda girl I headed to the Running Institute at lunch to schedule an appointment with my super healers Dr. Allen and Dr. Runco. 

Dr. Runco is an ultra-marathoner and is pretty much the bomb. He opened the Running Institute adjacent to his private practice. GENIUS. Go get fitted for shoes, stop by his office and be healed. LOVE. Dr. Allen also works in his office and is my main man.

When I got there today I fully intended on trying to get in to see him next week.  I know how busy he is so if I was lucky maybe next Tuesday. Apparently the awesomeness of my presence benefitted me today because there was a 12:30 cancellation and mama got in!!!! Thank you lord!

As I figured I have a mild case of plantar fasciitis in my right foot. He hooked me up with ultrasound and what I call the scrape treatment. It already feels so much better. 20 minutes later I was out the door with a nicely taped foot and scheduled for twice next week.

The good news: I will be race ready for La Jolla and the OC

The bad news: Ordered 5 days of cross-training only- no running.

Ok, the bad news isn’t that bad. I actually enjoy spinning and weight training. It helps me maintain my manly physique! In all seriousness spin work helps with hills and weight training keeps me strong. I just love that he looked at me and said “I’ll have you ready, no sweat.” You’re my boy Blue!!!

If you are in SD go check out the running institute. They will do a gait analysis, get you fit for shoes and take good care of you. It’s not a mega-warehouse type place (awesome). It’s a small, friendly staff of runners/tri-athletes that is like family. And if you get injured (and I hope you never do) go see Dr. Runco or Dr. Allen. They will fix ya right up!


5 thoughts on “You’re my boy blue!

  1. I have heard of this place recently. They have a running group that I have considered trying out some time. Now I definitely want to check this place out. Are the consultations pricey or do they take insurance?

    1. They take insurance!!!! I was so stoked last year because my MD recommended the typical ibuprofen, no running, cortisone injections..etc. I was so happy to have found Dr. Runco and Dr. Allen!

      1. Sweet! Glad to hear your foot is better and can keep running! So are you going to cycle the US this week?

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