L.O.V.E City & Colour

After a total hectic day at work yesterday I rushed home, picked up the fam, drove to the parentals, ate the fastest dinner ever, left the kids there…and then headed to L.A. (hello run-on sentence)

It took us an hour and a half to get there. Good times. We barely made it in time to see the opening band.

I was so tired by the time we got there that I just wanted to see City and Colour and go home. I know, RUDE. I got totally wild, ordered a sprite and got settled in a good spot. Gord Downie opened and was just o.k. His songs were all very sad…and very slow…and I was tired. I saw a girl sit down and fall asleep in the middle of the place. Not kidding. I can’t remember who came on next but hubs said he’s a legend. So much so that I can’t remember who it was. Terrible. I know. He’s probably shaking his head while reading this.

Around 10:30 p.m. (so late for this old lady) City and Colour finally took the stage!

L.O.V.E. Dallas Green is so good that his voice could make you cry. Literally, that good. He played with and without the full band until 12:15 a.m. (can you believe I stayed up that late). He played all of the old stuff plus some new songs. It was Fan-freaking-tastic. City and Colour’s new album comes out in June. Do yourself a favor and listen!

Post show we drove an hour and fifteen back to the parentals to stay the night. That put us home around 1:45 a.m. Got a whopping 4 hours of sleep and had to get up and head back down to SD. So glad I took the day off of work- I am done.

Off to take the kids to school, nap and try to get a run in before the rain comes!!!


3 thoughts on “L.O.V.E City & Colour

  1. Gord Downie was the Legend. He plays in The Tragically Hip. (They are Canada’s U2) he was awesome. The guy that put you to sleep was Dan Ramano.

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