Hungry Hungry Hippo

Today’s Run: 6.10 miles; TM .5% incline, 46ish minutes

I must have exerted a lot of energy on this morning’s run because I have been HUNGRY all day. ALL DAY.  Post run I had a protein shake, followed by a Larabar 2 hours later, followed by fresh pineapple an hour later, followed by Greek Yogurt w/Flax 10 minutes ago…and I’m still hungry…and out of snacks. AWESOME. Looks like I’ll be headed home for lunch today which will be in about 45 minutes. Yup, counting down to lunch!!

The good news is that my foot feels pretty darn good today. I woke up with no pain and just a little soreness with my few first steps in and then no pain! No pain at cool down which is HUGE. I will be super cautious over the next day and continue with the normal routine:

That’s what I am talking about right there! That, taping  and stretching = able to run! There is never a training run that is worth an injury. Never. I am willing to miss out on a race if needed to be back to 100%. Would I be bummed to miss out? Heck yes! But it’s not worth the risk to not be able to run. I am so happy that I have this under control!! Wahoo!

Time to get more work done. Being off yesterday has made my Tuesday more like a Monday. SWEET. Once I get some food in me I’ll be ready to rock…there I go again talking about food. Hungry hungry hippo today.


9 thoughts on “Hungry Hungry Hippo

  1. Are you takin to me?? Why do I feel like you are talking to me in this post???? 🙂 If I’m not better for the 10 miler, I will consider not running it. But I HOPE I am better. Ok Ok, it’s not all about me but that’s why I’m your bestie, right?

    1. No, just a reminder to myself! I may not be able to run the CBad 5k if my foot is sore and I have to be ok with that. It stinks because I ran that race fast lat year (7:02 pace)!! But, I want to run my halfs and fulls so if it means missing out on the 5k I’ll suck it up, lol. Although after 6 this morning I think I will be golden. I likely will not be able to run it fast. Oh well!

      1. I was totally teasing and could learn a good lesson from you. I remember you telling me about that run last year. You are crazy fast girly!!

      1. I love that yogurt!!! so thick and good for you.

        Just a quick question…. aside from yummy yogurt – haha

        I bought the nathan belt with the race caps – there was a tag on the bottle that said race caps….and something about better for gel consumption.

        Do you put your egel in the race bottle? I have been taking my egel before I start my run with water- but figure with more miles I will probably take an egel mid run. I am just a doofus and can see myself choking or ending up with gel all down my shirt – picture not needed.

      2. I do not. Like you, I take it and then drink water. Some people mix hammer gel into an electrolyte drink because that particular gel does not have electrolytes in it. LOL about it being all over- you will not be alone my friend 🙂 How are you liking your belt? It’s something that took me a little bit to get used to but now I can’t imagine not having it!!!

  2. I just got it – so I am going to use it for my long run this weekend. I am super excited about it though. I get so dehydrated… and I drink water all day. I hate carrying things in my hand when I run.

    I do have another question. sorry for the bazillion of them… just stuff I have been thinking out. Earbuds…. any suggestions. I am not liking my ipod earbuds because the wire jingle jangles near my arm when I run. I saw these earbuds online that go around the back of the neck and then up to your ears. Have you seen these, used them?

    1. I never mind questions, ask away!! I have tried a couple of different ones. Right now I am using Auria earphones which I like because they stay put. I have a clip for them so I run them through the back of my top and then clip them down so the cord doesn’t flop around. I tried Nike Flights that went around the back but they didn’t fit my ears the right way. I have also used Snug Budds which I really liked too- until they broke 😦

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