Ref job? Sign me up!

I am not sure why people think that stay-at-home moms are on a constant vacay. Holy day of madness! My kids fought about everything from which book belongs to who and what letter of the alphabet each of them owns. I am not kidding. “My letter A, no my letter A, NO MY LETTER A…Moooooooooooom.” Seriously? Where are my ref stripes? It’s a good thing that they are cute…

Yes she loves clothes that much. The hard part was having to stay inside all day because of the random hail/rain. Talk about mastering the art of patience.

Tomorrow it’s back to a good morning run, getting the kids off to school,  being boss lady at the office and then the hubs and I will drive up to L.A to see City and Colour!! For those of you that don’t know you are missing out. I got the chance to see him in Austin in 2008 and fell in l.o.v.e. Do yourself a favor and listen. You will not be bummed.


I got an email tonight from the OC Marathon encouraging runners to race in the Long Beach Marathon as well as the Surf City Half. I have not run in either of those races so if anyone has please let me know. The Long Beach Marathon (and half) is in October and Surf City is in February. I am interested in hearing reviews before I commit. I plan on more destination runs in 2012 and want to start planning soon!


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