Just call me Betty…

Today’s Workout: 35 min spin (hill set); 35 minutes glute/core workout

Holy solid 5 am workout this morning. I decided to take one more day of run rest to help my foot continue to heal. For me, it’s important to keep my fitness up when I take run rest days. It is EASY to lose fitness so I keep my workouts challenging so that I stay run ready!

I finally figured out how to build a workout on the spin bike. AWW YEAH! I was able to choose the intervals and make it a more difficult which I liked. It’s nice to not be stuck spinning for a specific time to a specific routing. Wish I would have figured that out sooner!

Post spin I did a gnarly glute and core workout that included single-leg deadlifts, single-leg squats, hip hikes, medicine ball rotations, medicine ball crunches, planks/side planks, stability ball sit-ups/tucks/handoffs. I just got tired typing that. Working my core and glutes is super important to build strength to support my run.


I took a vacation day today since it’s an in-service day at my kids’ school. Really? Since when does pre-school have in service days? And in the middle of March? WEIRD. Anyway. I love these days because I get to make like Betty Crocker and cook a real breakfast!

Don’t you love how the egg beaters are labeled “REAL EGG” Thanks Costco. These pancakes are so good! Whole wheat pancakes doctored up with flax, cinnamon and bananas. Awesome post workout breakfast that gets good stuff into the kiddos without them knowing it! BONUS.

Working full-time, being a mom and staying race ready is crazy. I absolutely love these days that I get to stay home and feel somewhat normal…well, what I consider normal anyway!


One thought on “Just call me Betty…

  1. Okay, now I’m just MAD at you. Wheat banana pancakes are my FAVORITE and homemade one’s are even better. When we run NWM we HAVE to go to this breakfast place called stacks in Burlingame, they have wheat germ banana pancakes that are TO DIE FOR!!! Maybe that will be our after race meal.

    Enjoy your day with the kiddos, thank goodness I am working from home today since I can’t walk without looking like a lame-o! XOXO

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