A Look Around Town And The Longboarder!

Today’s Run 14.75 miles, 1:53. First half hills, second half flat, no music.

I woke up this morning around 6ish and got ready to go. It was chilly, but overcast, so figured I would be ok in short sleeves. Had a few power bar bites and off I went!

Look at that sunrise! Isn’t God amazing? I chose a new route today that took me through Balboa Park, downtown SD, Harbor Island and ended at Shelter Island.

This is Park Ave which goes into downtown. This is part of the Rock N Roll Marathon course. Once downtown I decided to run through Petco Park!

I don’t know many people who get to run through a stadium on a Saturday morning. I spend a LOT of time at Petco during baseball season! If you run the RNR Marathon you will get to do this too!! Don’t you want to? Here is one more

From Petco I headed down Market St out to Harbor Drive and made my way to Harbor Island

When running on Harbor Island you get an awesome look at downtown! To the right is the Coronado Bridge. Here is a better shot

How beautiful is that? I am so blessed to live here! This was around mile 10 and it started to rain a bit. I circled around the Harbor and then my foot started to feel sore. I don’t mess around when it comes to my foot. I know that I can get seriously injured if I try to push through it! I stopped at mile 12 and called my chauffeur (aka hubs) and asked him to meet me at Starbucks on Shelter Island.

Finished my run around the Harbor and made my way to Shelter Island where I got rained on again and

called it a morning.

(More Harbor Island)

I fully intended on 18 miles today but it wasn’t in the cards. I am not defined by how far I can run and am glad I have learned my limits when it comes to feeling pain. I would rather run a great 14.75 miles and be able to rest and run further once I am 100%!

Post run we headed up to Oceanside to do our taxes. Yipppeeee! Always good times. Got in an out in an hour and went to lunch to celebrate not owing the IRS! YES!

This is one of my favorite little places at the beach in Oceanside. The food is good and it’s very chill.

The serve breakfast and lunch from open til close. I had a veggie burger with avocado and sprouts. So so so good! The offer indoor and outdoor seating. We stuck inside today since it’s chilly!

It can take a little while to get seated and get your food so don’t go there starving. I promise that it’s worth the wait so just go with plenty of time to spare!


It’s time to get ready for the STATE GAME! LET’S GO AZTECS!! Off to ice the footsie and cheer on my RED & BLACK!



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