Sushi It To Me

Tonight we headed to a local hole in the wall sushi joint for dinner.

This is a low key place that offers happy hour and has great food! They don’t charge for ambiance which means they keep the prices low. I prefer nigiri and sashimi. During happy hour nigiri is $1 per piece. Sweet deal!

They also have good deals on rolls. We got a spicy grilled tuna roll for $4. They also have special rolls for buy one get one 50% off. Not too shabby!

Yeah, not the healthiest choice but it sure was good!


Post dinner we got back to the casa and there was a package waiting for me from Cam!! Look what I got…

Love!! Thanks bestie!!!! Geez, I look tired. That means: CHILL TIME! Better go get caught up on my trashy reality shows and sleep!


2 thoughts on “Sushi It To Me

  1. OMF it fits PERFECT!!! I love it. I saw it and it had your name written all over it. Glad you love it, have a great night. Xoxo

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