March Madness = over sleeping= no running

After a super fab win by my San Diego State Aztecs my body decided it needed rest and I overslept this morning. Guess my bod needed a break! So in honor of my Aztecs today is a rest day.

Since my boys play at 3 pm tomorrow, I will be sure to get the long run in early. I plan on 18 unless my foot tells me otherwise. You didn’t know my foot can talk? Yup, I’m a special one. This morning it let me know that it’s on the mend. However,  if I feel any sharp pain during tomorrow’s run I know to immediately stop.

Speaking of injuries, lets chat about the most common seen in runners. Wouldn’t it be sweet if we could all just excercise/run injury free forever? Ahhhhhh my fantasy world…running injury free, coffee and good food. Reality check! Many of us crazy running peeps experience a twinge, ache, tight something or another at one point so let’s discuss, shall we?


* Runners Knee: This injury is just plain annoying. It’s that tender feeling either in the middle of or right under your knee cap that likes to flare up in the middle of a run, going up or down hills/stairs or after sitting for long periods of time. There are many different causes ranging from over-training to overpronation to weak muscle groups (quads/glutes, etc).

How do you get rid of it? That’s the tricky part. You can still run with “runners knee” as long as it’s not painful. There is a difference between an ache and a pain. Aches go away, pain does not. DO NOT RUN THROUGH PAIN. Reduce mileage and take rest days. Also work to strengthen your hips, quads, glutes, hammy’s.

* Achilles Tendinitis:  This is one you can’t run with. Your achilles tendon attaches to to your calf muscles. Under stress the tendon tightens and gets irritated…and so do you because it hurts. How does this happen? Increasing mileage too quickly or a lot of speed work can make your calf muscles tight. Tight calf muscles = mad achilles tendon.

How do you make it go away? REST, ice, compression. Work to strenghten your calf muscles and take it one day at a time.

*Plantar Fasciitis: I HATE even mentioning this one since I have been plagued it. IT IS DOWNRIGHT MEAN. A lot of runners deal with this injury so I’ll get right to it. This injury is the result of inflammation or small tears in the ligaments that run from your toes to your heel. The pain can feel different in each individual. It’s most commonly an ache in the arch of the foot or pain in the heel. It is typically BAD in the morning when the foot first hits the floor when getting out of bed. Dude, this injury just plan STINKS.

There are so many causes of this injury it’s hard to cover them. My problem is excessively high arches. When I make a foot print you only see my toes/ball of foot and heel. It’s impossible for me to make a perfect foot print. Other factors? Flat feet, overprontation, supination, tight calf muscles, weak core muscles, low back issues…the list goes on.

How does one get rid of it? I will be the first to tell you that PF is like a dog- VERY LOYAL. It wants to stay for as long as possible so it’s is important to idenitfy and treat it ASAP.  Ice, compression, stretching calf muscles multiple times per day, foot roller, a splint (if its bad) and massage. Work on core strength and stretch, stretch, stretch. Did I say stretch your calf muscles? If it’s really bad (like mine was last year) I saw a running doc that hooked me up with ultrasound/shock therapy and it did wonders. I do not believe in injections for this injury, but some people do go that route. It doesn’t fix the injury, it just masks the pain. I am not down with that.

This is not an injury you can run with until the sharp pain is gone. If you try to run through PF you will be sidelined for a long period of time. I had to sit out approximately 8 weeks last year. I think I ate through the depression. Make sure you are fitted for the proper type of shoes and get inserts if needed.

If anyone is experiencing this injury I am glad to help. I had it bad in my left foot last year and now am battling it in my right foot (which again was my fault, more on that later). Shoot me an email and we will chat.


Enough serious talk for the morning. It’s FRIDAY!!!!!!!! Anyone have any plans for the weekend? We are not going to have any rain until Sunday so running and NCAA basketball is on my agenda!!! GO STATE!!!!!


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