Winning! Oh, and running too…

Woooohoooooooo!!!!! State won!!! It’s our first tournament game win in school history!!!!!

So so so proud of my black & red! Next game is Saturday.


I am 2 weeks out from the Carlsbad 5000.

This is a fast 5k by the beach that draws somewhere in the ball park of 10,000 runners. Crazy right? It’s a really fun race that my whole family runs.  Even Tootie- he is running the 50 yard dash! He can’t wait for his first race.

2 weeks after Carlsbad is the La Jolla Half Marathon.

This is a challenging half with a 400 foot climb up Torrey Pines. It’s a beautiful run and it is so rewarding to conquer the mountain at the beach! I am really going to start working on my hill training and the long run so prepare for this race. Plus, this is my last half before the OC Marathon and the RNR Marathon SD!

**Reminder, for anyone that wants to join in on the next Thursday Adventure Run at RRS, it’s scheduled for April 14th. For more info click HERE. It is A LOT of fun so what are you waiting for??


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