Black Skirt + Black Shoes = Extra White Legs

Today’s Workout: 25 minutes of spin intervals; 45 min strength training

The good news is that my post Safari soreness is just about gone! The bad news is that my sneezing attacks are still hanging around. I am pretty sure I grossed out most of the gym this morning. At least I carry a towel right? I wasn’t sneezing all over the spin bike or free weights…even if I did the sanitation police would have pulled me over. My gym is super strict about keeping things clean. LOVE.

If you haven’t tried spinning yet I am again encouraging you to do so. If you are a runner it will help you with both endurance and hill training. It’s a kick butt workout!! If  you are intimidated by the class, see if your gym has a spin bike with a monitor.  This will allow you to learn how to use the bike and then you can venture through Niagara Falls like me. Before you know it I will be sharing a photo of me as if I was actually at Niagara Falls. If I can make that happen I will. Photoshop?

And since everyone loves to see photos so here is yet another from last weekend’s race:

I am not sure why my hair looks like it’s the same color as my sunglasses. Trick photography? I sported the black running skirt and shoes just to make my white girl legs look even whiter.  Nice touch, don’t you think?

What is your favorite item of clothing to wear when running/workout?


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