Sniffle, sneeze, run, sniffle, sneeze, run

Today’s Workout: 4 mi TM run, 0% incline, 32 min; stretching/core workout 30 min

My body is not happy with me right now. My quads are still pretty sore from Sunday’s hilly run. On top of that my allergies are off the chain making it nearly impossible to breathe. AWESOME. Does anyone know of anything that will help me? I HATE medicine and only take it as a last resort. I have literally sneezed at least 50 times in the past 2 days. Needless to say today’s run transitioned from a recovery run to junk miles. At least I broke up some of the lactic acid right?

I have 2 races coming up in April. On April 3rd I will run the Carlsbad 5000 and on April 17th I will run the La Jolla Half Marathon. I ran in both of these races last year and enjoyed both. We’ll get into both of these as they get closer!

For now let’s all wish my hubs a Happy 9th annual 30th Birthday!!!

Happy Happy Birthday LD!!! We will celebrate with a family dinner tonight, should be good times.


4 thoughts on “Sniffle, sneeze, run, sniffle, sneeze, run

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LD!! Already told him on FB but relay the message. 🙂

    Maybe that’s why I’m sneezing, allergies. I have been having sneezing attacks too. I was hoping it wasn’t me getting sick again. I just finished my Z-pack. Feel better!!

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