Happy Birthday, I’m full!

Tonight we went to the Blind Lady Ale House to celebrate hubs 9th annual 30th birthday!

(Photo courtesy of their website)

It’s located on Adams Avenue in Normal Heights. Most of their produce is locally grown and is certified organic. That means they don’t have a bunch of garbage on their pizza. Another bonus? They are vegetarian friendly. AWESOME. If you haven’t been there you are missing out.

We always have a hard time choosing what kind of pizza we want because everything is so stinking good.

(Sorry for my bad photography. I blame it on the camera)

Tonight we ended up going with a beet salad and a pizza that was on special. I can’t remember everything that was on it but it had some sort of fancy shmancy cheese, peas and bacon crumbles. All I know is IT WAS GOOOOOD.

The kids have a sophisticated palate, so it’s no surprise that they settled on a cheese pizza. The Blind Lady is a family friendly place with great food, a ginormo selection of  beers on tap and is always a good time. If you didn’t know now you do. Just don’t go on a Monday, they are closed.

Since we didn’t have enough calories at dinner we topped it off with desert and a flat rendition of “Happy Birthday”

Oh yeah, that’s Red Velvet baby! It was a fab night and I think the hubs enjoyed his special time.


I’m off to watch the biggest loser so I can feel terrible about everything I ate tonight. See you peeps in the AM!


One thought on “Happy Birthday, I’m full!

  1. I watched Biggest Loser while I was running tonight at the gym. I want to know their cod recipe, I have some in the freezer waiting for me to cook it. Do they post the recipes anywhere? I don’t ever watch the show so I guess I could look online. I just know you watch it all the time and might know. 🙂

    Dinner looked yummy and Red Velvet is THIS GIRLS fav!!

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