HRM Facelift

Today is a REST day for me which meant I got to sleep until 5:40 a.m. I cannot explain how awesome it is to get an extra hour and 20 minutes of sleep! HEAVEN.

The HRM website is getting a facelift thanks to my HOT husband: 

Oh wait, that’s Bradley Cooper. Here is my HOT husband who is way HOTTER thank Bradley Cooper. Sorry BC!

The hubs is pretty darn creative so I have high expectations. NO PRESSURE LD, NO PRESSURE. You have all weekend buddy.

Tomorrow is the expo at Road Runner Sports for the Safari Half Marathon!  That means I will have been to RRS:  FOUR times this week.  Someone have my employee badge ready along with my race bib. Seriously, I am embarassed to admit how many times I have been there this week. CREEPER.

Off to take care of the tootsie and get some work done. See y’all back here tonight!


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