Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

2nd Thursday Adventure Run- Just shy of 4 miles!

This night of awesomeness started at Road Runner Sports (3rd time there in 5 days…can I get a job?)

New Balance, WrightSock, Fuel Belt and Stone Brewery were sponsors

New Balance allowed you to test shoes on the run. I have never worn New Balance but thought that was cool! I tried on a pair of minimalist shoes and then had flashbacks of the RNR Marathon Last year. I learned my lesson.

WrightSock gave the first 50 runners a free pair of socks! YEEESSSSS!

I met up with Maureen and her friend Brent.

We checked out the map, planned our strategy and off we went! For a while we ran with a pack and later were all on our own. It stayed light for longer than we thought it would but on the way back it was DARK. I am talking no street lights, pitch black. Thank goodness Maureen knows Kung Fu.

Stop 1

Stop 2 (LA Fitness)

Stop 3 (Players Sports Bar…Play on playette)

Stop 4 (A nutrition place that I can’t remember the name of! Darn it! At least we saw some hotness)

Stop 5 (The shoe dog. This was our last stop)

This was so much fun! After we turned in our tickets for the raffle we headed outside and waited…

And then…

I WON A $50 GIFT CARD TO STONE BREWERY!!!! WOOOOHHHHHOOOOOO!!! I celebrated, and then I gave it to this girl

She really really really wanted it, and well, I’m a giver. So yes I did win, and then I shared my winnings. Points in the karma bank. Hey girlie, remember my kindness and pay it forward. Or when I see you next month you better remember me when you win something 🙂

I loved this event and can’t wait for next month. They announced there will be obstacles next time. HECK YES! If you are in Seattle, San Diego or Tempe you should sign up for this once a month run. It’s free, you get to run and it’s awesome. Need I say more?

Oh, and if you think you pay a lot for gas, check us out

That’s how we roll.  And you wonder why so many people run in So Cal.



6 thoughts on “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

  1. Looking forward to next months run. The hotness was at Nutrition Zone. I am wearing my new NB tshirt as a night shirt. It’s very soft and cozy! I coated my legs in arnica gel and resting up for Sunday!

  2. Looks like you ladies had fun, I’M SUPER JEALOUS! Oh how I wish I lived in So Cal, minus the gas price. I paid $95.25 to fill up my truck today. I would be an awesome runner if I lived there, I would never drive. 🙂

    REST and get ready for Sunday, can’t wait to hear how you do!

  3. That is awesome!!! Sounds like you gals had a lot of fun. How far did you end up running? You were sweet to give your gift card away (:

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