Preppin’ For Safari Park

Today’s Run: 5.5 miles, 42 min, .5% incline

I probably should have cross-trained today since I have the adventure run tonight, but I couldn’t help it. FACT: I am crazy. Something in my twisted brain told me it was a good idea.  Overall I am still feeling pretty darn good. Foot is a little sore post run which is to be expected but no sharp pain. YEAH!

Tomorrow will be a complete rest day for me. I need a day of downtime to let my foot rest. I will likely do a short run on Saturday morning and then Sunday I will run the:

This is a small race since it’s an inaugural event. They limited the field to 3500 runners which is AWESOME. So far I am impressed with the organization of this race! They have included each registered runner in decisions including the t-shirt design and medals. Even more impressive to me is the aid stations! There will be water and powerade available every 1.5 miles, as well as GU at 4 different stations! WOWEE. Typically in half you will see GU around mile 9. They really are going all out.

Fingers are crossed that race day is as organized! This is the first time I will be running with someone, and not just anyone, my DAD!!!!!

It’s going to be fun to chat and run and…beat him across the finish line.

Today’s Question:

Have you ever run or participated in a sport with a family member? If so did it make it more fun or more competitive?


3 thoughts on “Preppin’ For Safari Park

  1. LOL, you are so your Father’s daughter. If he was writing a blog he would say something along the same line as you “Beating my daughter across the finish line” When you called me the other day and let your rambling VM I thought the same thing, she is so her Daddy. 🙂 Makes me smile! Good luck to both of you and may the BEST runner win!!

    So as you know I play softball with the hubby and we are a great team. One Thursday nights I play with my brother n law which can be challenging at times. I am a competitor and like to win as much as the next person, but there comes a time when you have to let it go and just call it what it is, A GAME.

  2. Wait, you ran today, are running tonight, and running Saturday before a 1/2 marathon Sunday? Yes, you are crazy. No wonder your foot hurts, lol. 😉

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