Heroes in a half shell

Today’s Run: 5 miles, flat TM, 38:30; 20 min of hardcore stretching

I told y’all today would be the day to test out my foot. I took it easy, warmed up for 2 miles and did not run on an incline to be safe. Just call me captain cautious. Other than being a bit off from not running for 3 straight days, my run felt good! Yipppeeeeeee!!!

I am still rotating ice, ibuprofen, the roller, stretching and the arch support just to keep things copacetic.

Now I am SUPER EXCITED for tomorrows 2nd Thursday Adventure Run with Maureen!

We are going to make it rain with raffle tickets! Who doesn’t want to win $1000s in prizes???? We’ll see how this one goes…this might the perfect opportunity to bust out the Hillbilly Butt Pads…aka a Ninja Turtle costume. Who wouldn’t want to participate in an “Adventure Run” with Michaelangelo?

Now do you see the resemblance?

Don’t forget that you have until tomorrow at 5:45 p.m. to get the early bird entry for the Las Vegas Rock N Roll Marathon and Half!! Night run on the strip will surely be good times!!!


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