Vegas Baby Vegas

At lunch time I dragged my sore butt out of the office to meet up with my friend Maureen!

We signed up for 2nd Thursday Fun Run through Roadrunner Sports. Yep, that means I have been to RR 2 times in 3 days! I should get some sort of prize…

This is a free event held on the 2nd Thursday of each month. Mo and I will meet up with all of the cool kids at RR starting at 5 pm. The run starts at 6 pm and we have one hour to run to different locations to get raffle tickets. All runners need to be back by 7 pm and then the festivities begin! Food, drinks, music and prizes. How FUN is that??!

Since the two of us get pretty geeked out on running, we picked up the fun run tech tee which gives us an extra raffle ticket each run.

From what I understand there is three locations doing these events. You can get more info by clicking HERE.

In other sweet news, Competitor announced that they are opening registration for the Rock N Roll Las Vegas Marathon for the next 48 hours. The special early entry fee is $121 for the full and half. After March 10th registration is closed and will reopen on May 31st. But the best part of this news is that they have turned this into a NIGHT RUN! The full starts at 4:30, the half at 6 pm! BRIGHT LIGHTS + RUNNING = AWESOME.

Vegas Baby Vegas!!!!




3 thoughts on “Vegas Baby Vegas

  1. See you in Vegas BABY!! Super excited!! 🙂

    Totally jealous of your running group sounds like so much fun.

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