Hillbilly Butt Pads

Today’s Workout: 40 min spin, 20 min core/stretching

Day #3 of

I actually stepped out of bed pain free this morning! It took every ounce of my being not to run but I held back and hit the spin bike again. This time I worked out with virtual instructors. They were ANNOYING. I don’t know if it was that it was too early for the over the top peppy talk or what. I do know that I am going back to my spinning across the states.

On top of being a bit turned off by my “instructors”  my butt hurt. Two straight days of a stiff bike seat is no bueno.  It is not bootie friendly. Now I understand why they make bike shorts with butt pads. 

Yes, those are FO REAL. Don’t believe me? Click here to get a better look at these bad boys. I would look like a ninja turtle on a bike! Hmmmmmmm….

So anyway, the right wheel is good to go and now I am super excited for Sunday!!!!

And look who one of the sponsors is…

Maybe they will hook a sister up with a pair of my fave socks at packet pick up????



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