Today’s Workout: 40 minutes of hill climbing spin; 25 min strength training/core

Not wanting to take any chances with my semi-bum right wheel I hit the spin bike for 40 this morning. The hill climbs on a spin bike are no joke. My goal is to stay in cardio shape and hill train without running to let my foot rest. If you have never taken a spin class I highly recommend it. It will make you a better runner! It helps with turnover and I promise it will kick your bootie.

Post spin I tried out a new strength training workout that I read about last night. I am sure I looked like a mad woman standing still, swinging my arms with 5lb free weights.  Yup, I had to swing my arms like I do when I run with weights in them. I am tired just talking about it. Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

I am still worried about my heel. The swelling has gone down which is good, but it’s still sore. I am going to baby it all week in hopes that I can still race on Sunday. As long as there is no sharp pain I am ok. Any sharp pain means NO RUNNING. It would stink to not be able to run this weekend, however, it’s not worth the risk in not being able to run the rest of the year!

Check out what I have goin’ on the office today:

Geeeee…think I have experience with foot injuries?

In between meetings and the Monday chaos I will be HRM, M.D.



3 thoughts on “HRM M.D.

  1. Work it out!! I would hate to see you not be able to run Sunday but know you will make the right decision for the long run. I’m starting to plan the RnR trip down to see you!! Getting super excited!!

    1. Me too! My foot is feeling better this better this afternoon, yippeee! I don’t want to get to far ahead of myself so we’ll see how it goes. My butt is already sore from spin! ARRGGGHHH! At least I know it works, lol!

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