Fish Tacos and New Gear

I miss the old Rubio’s.

You know, the one that existed before it was bought by some multi-million dollar company from the East Coast. No offense, but peeps on the EC don’t get fish tacos. Now they are marketing “BBQ” tacos. Hmmm. Not sure what to think about that.

Today for lunch I had salmon tacos which were  good, but not great. If it was the old Rubio’s salmon tacos wouldn’t be a choice so I guess they get a point there. I think Wahoo’s has passed Rubio’s in my book of quick and easy lunch spots.

Post taco’s I headed to Roadrunner with the fam.

I spied a male model out front

Then I realized it was bootie. Little stinker.

I picked up new arch supports since my right foot is a big banged up.

I think I told you all that I suffered a left foot injury last year. You can imagine my panic when I felt pain in my right foot along with a little swelling. I cannot explain how brutal a foot injury is for a runner. It took about 4 months to be totally pain-free in my left foot. I still do strengthening exercises and stretches to prevent reinjuring that foot. Now here I am cautious about my root foot. TEAR.

Back to the new supports. 2 came in the pack. I think they cost me about $17 which is muuuuuch cheaper than new insoles. So far so good. I will report back after wearing them this week.

I also picked up another pair of my fave socks

Each toe has their own home. LOVE. The dude checking me out asked if I was going to try a rainbow pair. I didn’t know they made them. If they come out with some sparkly pink I’m in.

I also picked up some additional race caps for my Nathan bottles.

Race caps are the sippy cup tops that I told you all about in my post about fuel belts. If you are still using the old school tops you need to get in the now and switch. These are the best!

Now it’s time to get the house full of food for the week and get back to nursing the foot. It’s looking more and more like a spin day tomorrow. Ooooyyyyyyyy. As long as I can run on Sunday I don’t mind.




2 thoughts on “Fish Tacos and New Gear

  1. I still need to get my fuel belt, I should probably do that before my first half. I was looking at one when I was at a the running store this weekend but it wasn’t a Nathan so I didn’t get it.

  2. Bummer to hear Rubios has gone downhill. I remember having it for the first time at SDSU, and loved it. Hopefully they arent all bad! Hope your foot is feeling better!

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