Family Fun and I’m Hobbling

Yesterday my family went to Disneyland to celebrate Tootie’s 2nd Birthday and my little brother’s 30th! If you have been to Disneyland before you know it’s a good people watching spot. People get dressed up for the occassion. I think this guy was trying to conjure up Tweedle Dee

but then I noticed he was missing a hat. Oh well. I give him an “E” for effort.

It was a beautiful day; around 80 degrees. I wish I would have worn shorts because 80 degrees inside a cement theme park feels like 100! It was super crowded but we survived!

(Papa, Gramma and the grandkids)

(Hubs, My sis “Pooks”, Me, Bro, Sis In Law)

This was at the end of the day while we were waiting for dinner in downtown Disney. If you look at the stroller you will see Tootie’s little legs coming out of her “nap cave”

Did I already say it was super crowded?

On a bummeroo note, I am not getting a run in today. There is a little spot on my right heel that is swollen and a bit painful. I am nervous because I have a half marathon in one week. I will likely rest today and see how it feels in the morning. Compression/heat/ice/ibuprofen is the name of my game.


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