Well what do ya know?

I failed! It’s the first test I have ever failed in my life. No wait, I did fail my driver’s permit test but does that really count? I mean, most Californians don’t really know how to drive, right? There were 2 people in that room that passed. 1 of the 2 was on his 8th time taking it. Really 8 times? Come on man…

I know, you were totally hoping I was going to go in without studying and pass. Wouldn’t that be a radtastic story? I think I would be the first person ever to not study and pass that gnarly exam.  The good news is that I scored a 51 without reading one single policy. I think that proves that I am some sort of genius.


There will be no fitting a run in today. I plan on 18-20 on Sunday but want to get a shorter run in. I think I am going to try to sneak in a 5 miler early tomorrow morning  before we head to Disneyland!!!!

It’s tootie’s 2nd birthday today!

(I still love this pic. She is 3 mos old here)

We are headed to dinner after I escape the insane asylum and then tomorrow we are off to the Happiest Place on Earth! Lots of glitter, singing, rides… Fun times people, fun times!


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