What day is it? Oh yeeaaahhhhh….

Today’s Run: 8.25 miles, 1:02, TM run

The only way to explain my run this morning is “eh.”  I wasn’t motivated, my iPod kept playing slow jams, I was sweating like JT on the basketball court…

 At mile 5 I had to stop to tie my shoe. Really? Guy next to me asks “rough morning?” I pretended I couldn’t hear him over Taylor Swift’s crooning. I switched the iPod to my hip hop playlist and pounded out the last 3.25. Oy. Thanks Bubba Sparxx.  8.25 DONE. 

I got my email confirmation that I am in for the OC Marathon. This race is on May 1st, one month from Rock N Roll SD. I am going to use it as a training run. I am looking forward to running the Newport Back Bay Loop! GORGEOUS. The only decision I need to make now is if we want to stay in Newport or not. I am thinking not, however, the race starts at 6 a.m. I will want to be there by 5:15ish which means leaving around 4 am! Ummmmm- maybe we do need to stay in Newport! Suggestions anyone??

In other news- I entered the lottery for the New York Marathon!

After a LOT of thought and discussion with my friend Maureen I have decided this is a race that I REALLY want to run. Of course the lotto is no guarantee but if you don’t get in after 3 years they allow you in the 4th year…or if I can run a 3:23 full or 1:37 half marathon it’s an auto entry. So we shall see what happens. I have a lot of fun races planned this year and am getting excited.

If anyone has a race coming up let me know! I want photos, scoop, etc. Also, for those of you that I know have races coming up, now is the time to start experimenting with “fuel.” DO NOT wait until race day and assume the race sponsored electrolyte drink or energy gels will work out.  Start trying them now. Trust me when I say you don’t want the photog getting a shot of you vomiting or dry heaving  mid race.

Before I get back to wizork- I leave you with this…

IT’S JERSDAY!!!!!!! (Did you think I forgot?)

(Photo courtesy of MTV)

O.K. Maybe I did forget. Wait, what’s today? Kidding. I will admit that I did lose track this week forgot to ask for any funny/cool shirts to be emailed. However, my AWESOME brother sent me one earlier in the week and I know the DUDES WILL LOVE THIS!

Courtesy of Joe:

Ahhhh Asics- always thinking of the boys!!


One thought on “What day is it? Oh yeeaaahhhhh….

  1. Note to self: While checking in on HRM on a Thursday in a room full of Auditors remember that it is Jersday and MOST likely a picture of a Jersey Shore shirtless will pop up at some point. I’m sure I had some looks over my shoulder when I snuck a peek. 🙂

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